Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the range or to take classes without a membership?

Yes. The Range and many Academy training programs will be available to the general public on a per use basis at non-member prices. INPAX members receive preferred pricing and facility reservations. Some training programs, events and services will only be available to members.


When will you be open?

Our new Range and Academy will open Spring 2018. However, prior to the grand opening, INPAX will continue to offer a full spectrum of personal security training to the general public.  Founding Members receive complimentary group training and special events prior to grand opening. 


Are you accepting memberships now? 

Yes. We are currently accepting early enrollment members at special pricing for a limited time before grand opening.


I’m new to firearms, can you help me learn?

Absolutely. INPAX specializes in firearms education and training for beginners to mastery level.


Can you help me choose the gun that is best for me?

Yes. INPAX provides expert outfitting for firearms, ammunition, holsters, safe storage and other related accessories. We specialize in providing the right firearms products for home, car and carry needs.


What are the safety features of the new indoor range?

Our Range and Academy has been safety-engineered and designed to be a leading facility of its kind in the United States. The Range is designed as an “impenetrable box” – total bulletproof containment and generously sized shooting stalls – providing an unparalleled semi-private shooting experience.

Another safety feature of our range is the state-of-the-art air filtration system. Designed using similar technology as hospital clean rooms, our system will provide continuous, 100% fresh airflow, ensuring shooters have the cleanest, safest indoor shooting environment.

In addition, the filtration system is designed so that air leaving our facility will be essentially cleaner than the air coming in – ensuring the utmost safety for our environment and community.


Do I need my own firearm?

No. Our pro-shop will offer a full selection of rental firearms, ammunition and accessories. We will also offer a wide selection of retail firearms for sale.


Can I bring my own ammo and pick up my brass?

Yes. You are welcome to bring your own ammunition and retrieve your own brass. However, for safety purposes all tracer, armor piercing, incendiary, steel core or other specialty ammunition will be strictly prohibited.


I want my kids to learn self-defense, but I don’t want them interacting with firearms – how does that work?

We completely understand that firearms are not for everyone. Our architect has specially designed a completely separate entrance for our training Academy for visitors and members who prefer to bypass the Range and Pro-Shop areas. We have designed a safe and welcoming place for all!


Can I rent INPAX facilities for a company event?

Yes. INPAX specializes in training for corporations, schools and law enforcement agencies. Our team has consulted and trained hundreds of companies large and small over a wide range of topics and programs – from workplace violence prevention and response training, to travel security, to team building events for leadership teams, to client appreciation events. Our new facility will offer ample space for hosting local groups as well as our corporate clients across the United States. In addition to our core programs, we can work with your company to custom-design your event.


Can I reserve range lane time?

Yes. Members can reserve range time, and Life members will have priority access, no matter how busy we are.


Is the range for handguns only or can I also use rifles?

Most rifles will be permitted. Our range is rifle rated up to .50 BMG, but for safety purposes tracer, armor piercing, incendiary, steel core or other specialty ammunition is strictly prohibited.


Can I bring my kids to the range and how old do they need to be?

Kids are absolutely welcome! Minimum age to use the range is 12 with parental supervision required.  Exceptions may be made for members with kids under 12 to use certain long guns. Some pre-training is required to demonstrate they are physically and psychologically ready to handle firearms responsibly. Youth firearms training will be offered to ensure all kids 12 and older are capable of safely handling live firearms.


What kind of training do you offer?

INPAX Academy offers a full spectrum of training including self-defense, defensive firearm, fitness and critical incident response training for individuals, families, corporations, schools and law enforcement. We also offer functional fitness programing specially designed around self-defense essentials.


Do you have programming for kids?

We have robust programming for kids, from fitness to self-defense, to firearm safety.

Have a question?

Contact us – we’d be happy to assist you!