Bloomdaddy of WJAS 1320 Interviews Sam Rosenberg about the New INPAX Facility Coming to McCandless Crossing, Pittsburgh

Sam Rosenberg joins Bloomdaddy's radio segment "What's the Buzz?" to talk about the new range and training facility opening in spring of 2018. The new state of the art facility opening at McCandless crossing near Pittsburgh will include an indoor range, a pro shop and a training academy. Memberships are now available.

Local Veteran Owned Company to build Nation’s Premier Indoor Firing Range and Personal Protection Academy in Pittsburgh

INPAX Academy of Personal Protection – a local, veteran owned company – is expanding to 30,000 s/f facility bringing the Pittsburgh community its first state-of-the-art indoor range and full-spectrum self-defense and firearms training center.

Opening spring of 2018 in the McCandless Crossing Shopping Center, three miles north of Ross Park Mall, the new facility will include:

  • Open to the public indoor firing range
  • 24 bulletproof indoor moving target firing lanes
  • Civilian and Law Enforcement firearms training facilities
  • Full service retail firearms pro-shop
  • Over 20 self-defense, defensive handgun and gun safety training courses
  • Force-on-force simulation training center
  • Corporate event and meeting spaces
  • Fitness training center and more

“Our mission is to build a safer community by empowering people with real-world, world-class training” says INPAX founder and CEO, Sam Rosenberg. "The new facility was designed with our community in mind – from the inside out – and its foundation is being built on over twenty years of research, science and practical application in personal security.”

Designed for all levels; beginners to professionals; soccer moms to corporations - INPAX training includes:

  • Full spectrum private and group training:  Self-defense, Firearms, Critical Incident Response
  • Age and topic appropriate – for children, youth, teens and adults
  • Free community classes
  • Specialized programming for law enforcement and security professionals

The retail pro-shop provides a full line of self-defense, firearms and accessories, and personal security products – in store, and online. Every product hand picked by subject matter experts.

Several memberships will be available – from Range to Training – as well as walk-in a-la-carte access.

“We chose our groundbreaking to fall on July 4th to coincide with our 14 year anniversary, and to symbolize our rights as Americans to personal liberty and security” says Rosenberg. “We’re excited to be offering this unique destination, where our community - and folks across the country - can come together and build upon that great tradition.”   

About INPAX: Since 2003, INPAX Academy of Personal Protection has been a leader in personal security, defensive firearms and critical incident response training for individuals, corporations, schools, and law enforcement agencies nationwide. The INPAX team of professionals has empowered thousands of individuals with the essential, real-world ability to protect themselves and their families.  Founder, Sam Rosenberg’s opinion is frequently sought by the news media.  For more information, visit