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• Over 20 entry-level to advanced courses for youth through adults
• Professional hands-on instructors with real-world experience
• Handgun safety and handling essentials


Defensive firearms

Defensive Firearms

Comprehensive, entry-level courses on firearm safety, gun handling, and marksmanship, as well as working knowledge of fundamental personal firearm defense theory. These hands-on courses expand gun handling and defensive shooting skills beyond the basics, developing additional skills and experience necessary to manage a defensive shooting situation.

•  Safety & Handling
•  Home
•  Carry
•  Engagement
•  Dynamics
•  Low Light
•  Defensive Rifle
•  Defensive Shotgun

Defensive Firearms Mastery  

For students who have mastered the Essentials handgun curriculum. Keep trained skills sharp and learn the skills attained by the professional lifeguards of society.

•  Handgun
•  Rifle
•  Shotgun
•  Competitive



Essentials Training

Hands-on courses for learning how to recognize, avoid, and deter threats, and how to decisively respond physically to incapacitate an attacker if avoidance fails. INPAX Essentials courses teach hands-on critical personal security skills, front loaded for immediate use.

•  InPower Adults (age 17+)
•  InPower Teens (age 13+)
•  InPower Youth (ages 9-12)
•  InPower Kids (ages 5-8)

•  Firearms Handling and Safety
•  Holster Fundamentals
•  Use of Force and Firearms Law

Self Defense Mastery 

The INPAX 5-Tier mastery courses develop advanced skills for advanced scenarios, such as armed attackers and multiple opponents with weapons.

•  Unarmed Attackers
•  Armed Attackers
•  Ground Fighting
•  Improvisational Weapons
•  Advanced Combative Skills



build strength and stamina

Designed exclusively by our own military veterans, the INPAX Functional Fitness method provides a highly effective, natural way to improve body composition and strength. Functional Fitness training consists of fun stamina exercises using weighted objects such as sandbags, kettle bells – even the bodyweight of people.


shaped to fit you

Each guided session offers tolerances that fits a wide range of participant ability – from entry level up to advanced – for 70-year old retirees to teenage competitive wrestlers.  Daily full-body workouts vary slightly to provide balance across core muscle groups.  


1 hour sessions

Each 1-hour session consists of a warm up, strength training exercises, cool down and stretching.

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• 24 safe, climate controlled, indoor pistol and rifle firing lanes
• Moving target bays at 5, 7, 10, 15 & 25 yards
• 180-degree tactical defensive firearms training bay
• Gun Rentals, Cleaning & Gun Storage

Big Member Benefits

• Preferred Range Reservation Privileges
• Complimentary Guest Passes
• U.S. Law Shield Membership Included
• Special Pro Shop Discounts
• Defensive Firearms Training



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